Website Glossary

Website Glossary

Website Glossary explains the meanings of some typical words & phrases, used in website & internet fields.

Domain & Hosting?

In making websites two terms are used “Domain” & Hosting”.

  • Domain is the name / address of a website e.g “” is the name of our website. Similarly, you know about many such website’s names like, & etc.
  • Hosting is like hard disk or memory card of your website. Hosting is where your web pages, photos, videos & all other files are saved. All the pages you make on website & all the files you upload on your website for your visitors, are saved on your hosting.


Both Domain & Hosting are inseparable. You can not make website without having any one of them. For a website you need both "Domain" your website's address & "Hosting" where you'll save your web pages & files.

Disk Space & Bandwidth

Web Hosting companies offer different plans/packages with different Disk Space & Bandwidth.

  • Disk Space is the allocated space for file hosting. Its like you buy a 4GB sd card for your mobile phone, you can save only 4GB data on this sd card. Similarly, if you buy a web hosting plan with 1000 MB disk space, you’ll be able to upload files equal to 1000 MB only.
  • Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred over a specific hosting plan, in a given amount of time. It means if you’ve given 20GB Bandwidth, you & your visitors can transfer 20GB data in a month. For example, your website has only one page & this one page has a 1GB file on it, your customer can download it 20 times in a month. Bandwidth is calculated per month’s data transfer.